Axie Solar Scholarship Program — The revolutionary play to earn system

The more you play, the more you earn !

That’s our Play2Earn spirit !

What is the Axie Solar Scholarship ?

We are launching this scholarship program as a 2021 new year event to help new players to understand this new gaming economy (Play to Earn) and show them how they can make money online and having fun at the same time.

Earn money by doing what you love and you’ll feel like you never work !

What is Axie Infinity ?

Axie Infinity Fight
Axie Infinity Fight

It’s a Pokemon-like game based on the blockchain to secure everything, you can find all informations about it on youtube or on their official website.

This game is a “play to earn” game which mean that you gain money by playing it.

But to start playing you need a team of 3 axies (that’s your pokemon-like pets), each of these little monsters has a real price that depends on its rarity and the combination of its skills. The cheapest Axies cost about 30$ !

Here is where the Axie Solar Scholarship helps you :

We are always searching for a WIN-WIN relationship, meaning everyone has to win something !

Why we are doing that ?

We are breeders and that’s why we can offer many Axies teams with great skills combinations.

Again, why are we doing that ?

Instead of letting them sleep, we want them to exercice a little bit, we lend them to you so you can try the game, and earn money ! Welcome to the Play to Earn gaming Revolution !

We are lending our Axies teams to you, so in return all earnings will be shared between the players (you) and the scholarship program (us) as follow :

65% of the earnings goes to you

35% goes to the scholarship economy to maintain the program

Play for free, earn for free !

How can you earn money ?

As you must know, ETH is the second largest cryptocurrency, which means that it is easily tradable for money like US dollars.

Play to earn ETH
Play to earn ETH

If this seems a bit confusing, don’t worry, I will explain it in more detail later and on our Discord server.

What is your earning potential with our program ?

At this point, everything will depend on you and your will ! The more you want, the more you’ll get.

To acheive the minimum earning requirement (3,000 SLP per month) you’ll need to play at least 1 hour per day (about 30 hours a month) as a moderate player (no need to be a pro player for this).

The price of SLP is not stable but varies between $0.02 and $0.03 at the moment, so 3,000 SLP’s are worth between $60 and $90, don’t forget that we share this amout and you earn 65% of it, so you may earn between $40 and $60 per month for 1 hour of playing (this hour can be splitted in your day as you wish).

Of course you can play more to earn more !

Axie Infinity Scholarship earning potential
Axie Infinity Scholarship earning potential

It give you an idea of the program earning potential and how much you need to play to acheive this earnings. It may varies because of the Etherum blockchain gas fee (transaction fee) and the SLP price (you can check it here).

You may also keep your SLP to sell it later when the SLP price will be better.

How can you cash out your Earnings ?

Of course, it is a relationship of trust and a WIN-WIN situation, they trust you by lending you their beloved Axies, you can trust them to pay you regularly.

On the 15th of each month, you will automatically receive your share if the conditions of cashing out are met. (full details in the next sections)

You will also receive your share if you resign from the program (you can resign whenever you want), but your share must at least be 2,000 SLP or it will be forfeited.

Your minimum requirements to join our program :

1- Do not use multiple Axie Infinity account or another scholarship program.

2- Never rent or share our account (1 account = 1 player)

3- Don’t use any bot/hack or anything else that is prohibited by Axie Infinity

4- Inactivity : As long as you respect the minimum monthly earning requirements (3,000 SLP), your access will not be revoked

5- Your earnings will be shared 35%/65% in your favor

6- All scholars must earn a minimum of 3,000 SLP per month to maintain their access to the program, if this condition is not met, we will revoke access to the account and grant it to a scholar in the waiting list.

7- You will need to join our Discord Server

8- Your Discord ID will be shared in our discord server with the details of the Axie team we lend you.

9- You need to complete our application form to join the program (here)

Please keep in mind that this is a really great and easy opportunity to earn additional incomes. If you do not respect these rules, be sure that someone else will and we will not hesitated to ban you from our scholarship program and inform other scholarship programs about your behaviour.

Cashing out details :

  • Cashing out will happen automatically each 15th of the month
  • We will apply SLP reduction corresponding to the Eth gas fee and depending on the SLP price (we’ll always try to find the cheapest transaction fee for the benefits of everyone)
  • The only exception to these requirements is for resigned and revoked scholar, each case will be examined separately.


It is possible that we may make some small adjustments. Keep you informed of our latest announcements and updates

How can you join the program and start earning in 3 steps ?

Final Thought

Join our comunity, be a part of it, Make Axie Better !

As crypto-addicts, we have found and offer you an easy way to earn extra income. Read us to find out how easy it is !